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A Collection of FUN Learning Activities for Summer Vacation

A Collection of FUN Learning Activities for Summer Vacation

Summer is here!  (Go ahead, do a little dance in your chair.)  As a teacher, I know we all need (and deserve) a brain break.  So do it!  Take a break!

After you’ve relaxed a little, help your children dive into some fun that they won’t even realize is learning.  (Tricky, tricky, I know!) I’ve seen students make amazing progress during the course of the school year, only to come back from summer vacation having forgotten much of what they learned the previous school year. I’ve seen how it bothers the students when they return, only to realize the things they knew have now been forgotten, and it breaks my heart.

So what can you do to help your child retain (or even advance) what she/he’s learned this year? By providing meaningful, and FUN projects, activities, and experiences to tap into educational concepts throughout the summer! Some of these experiences will not only further your child’s understanding of their world, but offer great opportunities for you to bond as you work together in the comfortable and loving atmosphere of your home.

I’ve compiled a list of the best places to find engaging and unique learning activities for summers at home. (Or anytime, really!) It’s organized by subject area (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health), so if you’d like to skip to a specific subject, just use the Table of Contents.

I LOVE digging through educational resources to find the best of the best, so check back often, as I’ll be adding to that site all summer long!

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