Capitalization Usage Punctuation Spelling
 BE Verb multiple choice  Spell-A-RooSpelling Quizzes with Sound

Spell Check


Parts of Speech Homophones Sentence Types     Synonyms/Antonyms
 Madlib Stories  There/They’re/Their Quiz Simple/Compound/Complex Sentence Types

Sentence Type Club House

 Awesome Antonyms Match-UpSuper Synonyms Match-Up

Same Difference

Figurative Language

Simile Metaphor Simile/Metaphor Rhyme
Rhythm Repetition Idioms Personification
 Animal Idiom Quiz


Context Clues Vocabulary   Alphabetical Order  A/An
 Alphabetize the Animals

Text Structure

Capitalization Usage Punctuation Spelling
 Apostrophes  Plural Girls
Parts of Speech Homophones Idioms Personification
 Grammar Gorillas

FunBrain MadLibs

 Word ConfusionHomonym Madness
Comprehension Main Idea Details Theme/Lesson/Moral
Nonfiction: Reading for Information


Context Clues Vocabulary Root Words Prefixes/Suffixes
 Dog Rooting Out Words

Text Structure

Fact/Opinion Comparison/Contrast
Chronological Order/ Sequence Posing and Answering a Question
Text Structure Cause/Effect Author’s Purpose Poetry
More Reading Skills
Making Inferences Reading Maps Reading Tables  Reading Graphs
 City Map Reading Quiz  Car Graph Quiz
Reading Diagrams/Labels Free Online Books
 Reading Clothing Labels  Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Engaging Beginnings/Hooks
Letter Writing  Story Writing
 Letter Generator

Brain Teasers  Sign Language
 FunBrain Stay Afloat

Scramble Saurus

 Sign the Alphabet
Misc. Kid Sites

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