Time for Kids

Sports Illustrated for Kids (find many interesting topics on the left hand side of the screen)

Boy’s Life Archived Articles (find articles by typing a topic into the search bar or clicking a topic in the box on the right hand side, called “Popular BL Pages”

KIDS Discover (click on any of the popular topics at the very bottom of the page for many more articles):

National Geographic KIDS (click on any of the subtitles under “NEWS”)

Power Kids Science Social Studies:Must sign up for a 30 day free trial

Teaching Notes

Independently, or with a buddy, students:

1. Choose an online publication from the below links.

2. Choose an article that looks interesting.

3. Read the article.

4. Complete the following reading comprehension response (on a printed copy, or follow the format and write in journal).

Online Article Response

I. Article Title:

     A. Main Idea:

          1. Detail:

          2. Detail:

          3. Detail:

          4. My opinion:

II. Article Title: (complete the next day)

The next day, students continue with the next Roman numeral.  Be sure to post the numerals for student reference.  They enjoy using the new number system.

I use the outline format before we even begin talking about outlines.  By the time we get to learning about outlining and taking notes, the students have been doing it for half a year with this activity, and it isn’t such a shock or new concept!


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